Dil raju Balakrishna lion postponeNandamuri Balakrishna’s Lion got the second postponement in a month and will be releasing on May 14th now. While the makers remained tight lipped about the reason for the delay, sources say unsold Nizam rights prompted the postponement. There are no takers for the movie’s Nizam rights as the movie failed to create any interest in trade or the audience.

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It is said that Dil Raju is holding up the film in Nizam so that his other film, Ganga gets a free run at the box office. Dil Raju who promised the makers to buy the film, quoted only 3 Crore in the last minute including prints and publicity. It is a very low amount for star like Balayya and so the makers have to hold the release in the last minute.

Lion comes after the super success of Legend and Balakrishna making political entry by winning Hindupur Assembly seat with thumping majority. But still Lion do not have proper buzz due to a new director at the helm. The theatrical trailer and music album of the film are also not able to make an impact on trade and the audience.

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