Pawan speech TDP 2014 elections

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is touching the hearts of all in his election campaign in Seema Andhra. The actor unlike his initial speeches is stressing on the emotional connect between people and him. The actor who was known for his punch dialogues on screen is using the same punches to get votes from the people. On one of the occasion, Pawan Kalyan said he is not a selfish man.

“I never asked you to watch my films or asked you to make them success, but now I am asking your vote for TDP’, said Pawan Kalyan. The actor had been campaigning in East and West Godavari for the past couple of days and had been commanding huge response from masses and youth. As the last date for campaigning is nearing up (May 5th), Pawan Kalyan’s schedules are becoming grueling.