Did You Watch Venkatesh's Anger on Sets? Venkatesh’s comic timing is another level and it’s inimitable and there is no second thought to agree that. Off the screen, he is normally a very composed and calm guy who introspects a lot and has that spiritualness in him.

Naga Chaitanya, his nephew revealed another side of Venkatesh that we didn’t know. One must watch his anger on the sets to see how it would be. Though it’s all for the sake of the work being done correctly, for Chay, it’s like for the first time he saw how angry could his uncle get.

Chay has got to work with both his uncles for the first time, one as a co-star and another as the producer. He never knew that his uncles had this anger angle while in the workspace.

That anger is limited to the workspace that the work is done efficiently and within the time span. His uncle Suresh had a tab on everything happening around with regard to his film as a producer.

It’s a unique experience for Chay to see his uncles on the sets, unlike the way he has been used to, at home.