Haathi Mere SaathiRana’s next Aranya’s promotional activity screams the catch-phrase, India’s First Tri-lingual release in 2021. Unfortunately, the movie won’t be able to keep up with its promise. Is this a sign of things to come in the future for the next pan-India biggies?

It is officially announced that Rana’s Haathi Mere Saathi won’t release in Hindi on March 26th. The Telugu (Aranya) and Tamil (Kaadan) versions will continue with their releases as it is without any change. They will hit cinemas on March 26th.

The decision is taken in the wake of the increasing corona cases in Maharashtra (Mumbai/Pune) and the imposed restrictions. The Hindi films are faring poorly, and they star big names in them. Haathi Mere Saathi is yet to register with them. It is a good decision to delay, and if the movie scores in the Southern version, it could be a promotional tool for the Hindi release, later.

It is the underlying message that’s come out due to delay, which poses a serious question. Will it be the case with the upcoming pan-India films, as well?

Unlike the previous year, we have many biggies marketed as pan-India releases. In Telugu itself, four to five films are aiming for such a release. If things don’t improve in the coming days, it will be a big blow to their pan-India ambitions, no doubt.