Prabhas-Warns-Om-RautAdipurush teaser has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Let alone common audience, most of Prabhas’s fans are also not pleased with the same.

Coming to the point, a recent video of Prabhas and Adipurush director Om Raut from Adipurush teaser launch event has been going viral. In the video, Prabhas is seen saying Raut, “Om, come to my room”. What’s interesting here is that Prabhas is seen carrying a serious look on his face.

There was a social media talk that Prabhas is disappointed with the quality of the teaser and the kind of reception it is getting. A few even funnily rumoured that Prabhas is giving a warning to Om Raut after calling him into his room.

The video went so very viral that Prabhas and Raut had to clarify it. As per reports, Prabhas and Raut clarified that the video was misinterpreted by the social media crowd and it was portrayed in such a way that Prabhas is vexed with Raut. “There was nothing as such. It was just a casual interaction,” the duo apparently stated.

Well, as it appears the video was indeed misconstrued by social media folk. Or that is what the Adipurush team says.