Did Nayantara cry at private screening? Well, if the news from Kollywood sources is any thing to go by Nayantara did cry. Hero Arya who is producing a Tamil film titled ‘Amara Kaaviyam’ called in his close friends for a private screening invited his ‘Raja Rani’ actress Nayantara as well. Kollywood media abuzz that while watching the film Nayatantara continusory cried for thirty minutes(!). Director of the film also confirmed the news and said Nayatatara is very emotional actress, she even wept after reaching home says the director.

While some say that this just a publicity stunt, being a senior actress why would Nayantara cry for that long? She could have got emotional but makers of the film are despartely trying to get some buzz for the movie. Nayantara released the audio of this film recently and the film is in the post production stages, we will soon find out what made really Nayan cry for literally 30 long minutes. For now, it just sounds like another publicity stunt.