Debuting director Sushanth Reddy has gained a lot of popularity in a very small time probably because of the poster to his directorial debut film ‘Superstar Kidnap’. Reddy’s film’s poster has managed to catch the eyes of everyone and not just the Tollywood movie buffs but the Bollywood crowd also. This poster which has so easily become widely liked all over just shows three random men in masks with the face of superstar Mahesh Babu on their masks.

However, what we really wanted to know was how these posters got all this fame and popularity so soon and we realized it must’ve been actor Mahesh Babu’s face which managed all that. Our mind was flooded with questions like did the actor mind and did they even ask him before doing so, to which the director replied by saying that the idea had been passed through Mahesh’s brother-in-law, Sudheer Babu who was totally up for it.