Did Bimbisara Really Cost Rs 40 Cr?Prior to Bimbisara’s release, the team publicized that they spent as much as Rs 40 Cr on the project. But this statement didn’t exactly reflect on the big screens.

A few important VFX shots like the Trigarta Kingdom fort establishment have been handled well but they are rather brief ones. The majority of the Bimbisara sequences are indoor ones, which don’t require heavy duty VFX.

There aren’t many lavish sets either. Bimbisara courtroom is the only established set sequence and this is a small one as well. There are no big-money sets.

The set that is used in the climax is a comical one. The background gives a serial vibe as there’s a poorly finished set with green powder like substance sprinkled on it.

We don’t quite get the feel that as many as Rs 40 crores were spent on the film. There’s no heavy duty VFX shots, or extravagant sets to cost as much money. But it needs to be said that the film was indeed shot with a sizeable budget, considering Kalyan Ram’s market.

Smart cinematography (quick cuts from VFX shots) and well designed costumes work in sync with the visual presentation which gives the film a better visual appeal. But there’s no Rs 40 Cr worthy feel.