Did Balakrishna Warn Naga -ShauryaThere is a funny rumour created and circulating on YouTube that Balakrishna was very serious on Naga Shourya for using the classic movie title ‘Narthanasala‘ without getting the permissions from the director and the producer of the cult movie featuring legendary NTR in the lead role.

The rumour also has got it that Balayya had forgiven Naga Shourya with a strict warning not to repeat the mistake, again. That’s the reason why Naga Shourya mentioned that they didn’t spoil legendary NTR’s name and the connection with regard to the title will be known by the interval block of the movie.

This is just a trashy and funny rumour being created and circulated for the sake of YouTube clicks. When we checked with our sources, we were told that it’s just a trashy baseless rumour. Naga Shourya indeed said that they didn’t spoil NTR’s name. Everything else, i.e., Balayya’s warning and forgiving Naga Shourya is just trash. Funny indeed!