jr-ntr-vs-balakrishna-sankranthi-films-2016Many expected it to be Nandamuri Sankranthi with two movies of heroes from same family releasing for the festival. However what appeared to be sign of strength initially for the fans is now turning out to be battle of egos. And these ego wars are engulfing the happiness of the fans.

Various rumors are floating already regarding the equation between the two heroes’ and their differences. Things have gone to such a level that fans have to read something like Balayya threatening the distributors from releasing Tarak’s film. How much truth is in those news one doesn’t know but gossips like that have become the order of the day.

Isn’t it high time the makers of Nannaku Prematho made things official whether it’s good or bad for the fans? That way they could look ahead to the film’s release at a later date. Instead now what we see is a trend of increasing animosity among fans of same family. Also clarity at this point would be better rather than taking it to the last moment and then disappointing which would put entire box office prospects in jeopardy. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee for Nannaku Prematho unit and they should do it soon.