Dhruva Recharging – Phase One Success Ram CharanDhruva starring Ram Charan is going through a high and low phase right from the start. When the film was announced with Surender Reddy everyone was excited. Later when it was revealed that it is going to be a remake, it disappointed many. This process continued with shooting and release dates.The last disappointment was release pushed to December 9 post demonetization issue.

Now, the makers are once again trying to recreate the high buzz again and one must say the phase one has been successful. The trailer of the film released on November 25 has received a fantastic response. It has shattered all online records of Telugu cinema by clocking over 2 Million views in less than 24 hours.

It surely has once again recharged the project which was seen as losing interest among the general public. The real test for the makers will now be to build on this massive positive response. The pre-release event is right on track. If that is a success it will further add to the hype on the opening day. The big hype is necessary as the time currently is not favorable for movies.

There is a dead season problem in addition to the currency issue. There is also a big film in competition. Keeping all these things in mind, we have to say the more the hype, the better for the long run of the film. It is now all in the hands of the makers, let us see what Geetha Arts can do.