Dhruva Premam Clash, Dhruva Premam Dussehra Clash, Dhruva Premam Box Office Clash, Dhruva Premam Release Dates Clash, Dhruva Premam Movies ClashIt can now be said officially, both Dhruva and Premam are going to compete at the box office this Dushera. The film stars Ram Charan and Naga Chaitanya respectively.

While the competition itself would be eagerly awaited what is even more interesting is that both the films are remakes and originals were highly acclaimed films in their respective languages. What this means is basically, Cherry and Chaitu will be competing for the same honor that is, winning the mandate of the audience for their remakes.

Team Premam has already started their campaign on a winning note with the single released from the film being well received. Dhruva team too has started on a positive note with good first look posters. Let’s see what they have in store next.