Dhruva Movie Leaked Online Already!

dhruva-movie-piracy-print-leaked-online-alreadyMega Power Star Ram Charan’s Dhruva has picked up slowly at the box office on Saturday. The movie which had a slow start on its release day put up some decent numbers on day two as the Word of Mouth is largely positive. But then the Piracy scare came back all of sudden causing a severe concern for fans.

The piracy print of the movie which is already available on Torrents suddenly made its entry onto Youtube last night. As soon as it is live, there are several 100s of views and many have even downloaded it. Mega fans are very scared at this development.

But then the antipiracy team was pressed into action almost immediately and the Pirated version was deleted from Youtube. Mega fans are hoping that the Antipiracy team stays vigilant and somehow stop this mess for the next two weeks.

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