Dhruva Movie Biggest Enemy RevealedDhruva is all set to release this Friday and looks set for a grand opening what will all the availability of theaters and keys and prints reaching on time in Overseas. But is the picture as rosy as it looks, has the biggest enemy been revealed before the release?

While on surface level things are looking fine with the effect of demonetization not entirely visible in urban centers. Its effect is really seen in the smaller centers. The bookings, shows and the hoopla that is usually associated with a big movie are missing here.

These are the single screen centers serving the masses. And it’s here Dhruva is found lacking ever since the bookings are opened. The good thing here is it is restricted to few areas, Ceded, for example, seems to be the biggest hit of the lot. Few other areas have got decent to good hires to make up for the initial shortfall.

The range of success of Dhruva will be decided by how well it does in these smaller centers “along” with the urban places. Multiplexes alone cannot give it a big gross. This hasn’t been a problem with Charan films generally, even a film like Bruce Lee has done decently in some of these smaller, B and C centers. Dhruva is, therefore, a unique case and hence so much focus on it. Dhruva comes with the caption “My Enemy Is My Strength”, it fits hundred percent in this sense too as Dhruva’s (Charan’s) biggest enemy will also be its biggest strength, if it works.