Dhruv Vikram - Breaking Bad, Star Father & Son Escaped Big TrollingBoth father and son, Chiyaan Vikram and Dhruv Vikram seem to be in a jolly mood as they are going to share the screen space in the star kid’s next movie. Shrub shared a kickass pic featuring his father and himself saying, ‘No more half measures. Breaking bad.’

Dhruv Vikram’s scrapped version of Arjun Reddy remake has been streaming online on several digital platforms and we can see the star kid being trolled on social media platforms for his performance in ‘Varmaa’.

This trolling is somewhat ignorable as he performed better in ‘Adithya Varma’. Just imagine the fate if Vikram hadn’t scrapped the movie and reshot the Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy with another director and also replacing the heroine.

The trolls would have been nastier and it would have left a mark on Dhruv’s career. However, Vikram and Dhruv escaped that notorious trolling big time by not going with Bala’s version ‘Varmaa’. A narrow escape, indeed!