Dhruv Vikram's Adithya Varma 'Censor This Shit'Dhruv Vikram, son of Chiyaan Vikram shared a video on his Instagram account with the combination of uncensored scenes calling the video ‘Censor This Shit’. It’s obvious that he wants his fans to watch these edited dialogues and scenes from his debut movie.

Arjun Reddy‘ or ‘Kabir Singh’ or ‘Adithya Varma’; all the three movies in different languages had the same story and similar screenplay with a lot of kissing scenes and abusive words that people use when they are pissed off really bad.

For reasons that they have to follow the rules, the Censor Board has cut some of the scenes from Dhruv Vikram ‘Adithya Varma’. Looks like, the star kid wants to share those scenes. Most of those words are cuss words and they might have been muted in the movie.

Of course, some kissing scenes were asked for cuts. Anyway, Dhruv Vikram made a video put them together and here, the video is on his Instagram for his followers.