Aamir Khan dhoom2 stunts

The teaser of Dhoom 3 has been received very well by the audience. It is true that the sleek stunts and the edgy shooting has been very much appreciated by the audience but it is also true that the audience has appreciated the antagonist Aamir Khan much more than the protagonists. Even the previous films in the Dhoom series has received much more appreciation for its villains that the cops played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

With an intense charm and brutal intelligence, Dhooms villains easily make their way in the heart of its viewers. Dhoom 3 in particular is filled with stunts of adrenaline rush and heart-in-your-mouth and mind blowing variety. The concluding scene is particularly thrilling where Aamir swoops below a moving vehicle on his bike. It is really not a surprise why the audience is rooting for the bad guy instead of the good guy!