dhoom show coming soonThe top production house of Bollywood, Yash Raj Films officially announced the fourth installment of super hit ‘Dhoom’ series through it’s Twitter handle. Thrashing all the speculations that ‘Dhoom 3’ might not happen at all, the poster released announces the arrival of the fourth.

As Yash Raj Films is getting ready to give that adrenaline rush, meanwhile speculations are pouring regarding the main character of the movie. Besides Bollywood star heroes’ names, Prabhas’ name is also making rounds as an apt choice for the antagonist role, which is the main lead though.

Who would ‘Dhoom Reloaded’ have playing the key role is the exciting question in everyone’s mind who are fans of this series. Let’s wait to see if it would be some Bollywood star hero as usual or our Prabhas will make it to the most successful series in Bollywood.