Dhoom 3 stunning first week recordDhoom 3 has completed its first week run at the box office and at the end of week 1 it has created new first week record by a huge margin. The film has done nearly 189 Cr in its first week if one takes into consideration all the languages and around 179 Cr if one looks at Hindi version collections only. Either way the record has been created by a huge margin among Hindi films. Previous record for first week was held by Chennai Express which was released earlier in the year for Eid in August.

In the past few years this is the third time an Aamir Khan film has created new first week record. Previously his films Ghajini and 3 Idiots have created the first week record by big margins. In fact those films went onto become the biggest grossers ever in Hindi films at that point of time which even Dhoom 3 is going to achieve according to the trade. What that means is Aamir Khan would be having three, All Time Grosser’s within such a short span of time previously unseen by anyone in Bollywood history.