Dhanush sai pallaviDhanush and Sai Pallavi‘s ‘Rowdy Baby’ song is like once in a lifetime kind of song that has still been trending since the time of its release. Sai Pallavi walked away with the major part of the credit alongside the choreographer Prabhu Deva.

Now, Dhanush is rehearsing for a dance number with dance master Jani Master for his upcoming movie D43. They are expecting it become a super crazy song like ‘Rowdy Baby’. But, they are planning to get the crazy song sans Sai Pallavi.

When Jani Master posted a couple of pics from the rehearsals, we are left surprised and wondering how that would be even possible without the dancing diva who charmed her way into the dance lovers’ hearts with her graceful and soulful dance.

So, recreating a trending song isn’t a joke as no one can plan song to become a trending one. It happens, once in a while that sons like ‘Rowdy Baby’ go beyond borders and amaze the audiences.