Needi-Naadi-Oke-Katha---DhanushThe recent rumor that the latest Telugu release “Needi Naadi Oke Katha“, a son and father story is being remade by Kalaipuli S Thanu and the south star Dhanush would do the lead role in the film. The rumor raised pretty conversations on the very new film released just a while ago to be remade by such a huge star in Tamil.

However, here is the reality where the filmmaker Kalaipuli denied the rumors stating that he never brought the rights of the film nor thought of remaking the same in Tamil. He just wondered how such hoax even gets initiated.

Well, whether or not true, the news took the film into headlines giving it a push to reach more audience anyway. Looks like that’s a new way to promote your film. While the rumor is turned to be an absolute hoax, Dhanush has his Vada Chennai and Maari 2 in the workshop for this year.