dhanush maari sequelSequels more often than not are made out of successful films. We have the example of Singham series in South that has now become a franchise. In contrast have you ever heard of a sequel being made of a flop film?

This rare happening is in the offering from Tamil cinema and the actor to do the honors will be none other than Dhanush. It is being heard that the actor will be making a sequel to his film Maari that released earlier in the year. The film didn’t find the appreciation the makers had expected and everything about the film was panned barring the lead performance and music.

Reportedly a sequel will be made keeping all the positive and negative feedbacks in mind. If this film indeed gets onto sets, it would be a unique case without any doubt. But with the busy schedule of Dhanush ahead, it remains to be seen if the talks will be only that, talks or the movie will materialize.