AsuranCan you anywhere point out the similarities of Dhanush and the guy who we see in the poster? There seems to be not even a remote connection. Such is the impact of the look in this poster from Dhanush’s upcoming movie ‘Asuran’ in which Dhanush is playing dual characters as the father and the son.

Dhanush‘s look is incredible and that’s what we call a real transformation getting into the skin of the character’s look. Thick grizzled beard, thick mustache and also the gutsy attitude carrying a weapon in one hand and blood spilled on his face and shirt; everything about this poster made us intrigued and leave us in awe of Dhanush’s look in ‘Asuran’ being helmed by Vetrimaaran of ‘Vada Chennai’ fame.

His fans are literally rejoicing this look, and we believe that there is every reason for them to do so. This superbly made poster literally gave goosebumps when we have got to see it for the first time. The film is in the last schedule of the production and his fans are expecting rave reviews for Dhanush’s performance and repeat the same combo magic of Dhanush-Vetrimaaran that they did for ‘Vada Chennai’.