Ravi-Teja-Dhamaka-Telugu-Movie-TeaserAs announced earlier, the makers of Ravi Teja’s upcoming film, Dhamaka have dropped the teaser of the film today. In accordance with the title, the teaser is loaded with mass elements.

“If I see a villain in you, you will see a hero in me. But I’m a sadist when I’m in action” Ravi Teja says in the start of the teaser and that sets the stage for what’s to follow. There are handful of action shots on Ravi Teja and he looks sharp in the same.

It is evident that Ravi Teja is playing a massy action packed role in the film. There’s also an element of fun associated with the character, as one would expect from Ravi Teja.

We also get brief glimpses of the female lead Sree Leela, and the antagonist, Jayaram. By the looks of it, Dhamaka is an action thriller with a dose of comedy.

The background score for the teaser is pulsating and it injects the needed energy. The action shots look cool. We don’t quite get a glimpse of the story though, as the emphasis on establishing the mass elements.

The teaser confirms that Dhamaka is releasing in theaters on the 23rd of December. The film is directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina and produced by People Media Factory.