Devi-Sri-Prasad-Waltair-Veerayya-SS-Thaman-Veera-Simha-ReddyWaltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy are the two Telugu biggies that are lined up for release next Sankranthi season. Given the gravity of the clash and the two warning camps, there’s a lot at stake. Every aspect of these two films right from the songs, teasers, and trailer will be compared by all.

Now the discussion is about the first song from these films – Boss Party and Jai Balayya.

Boss Party was wildly mocked after the promo but the full song has done the trick. Despite the routine composition, it has grown on the listeners, and is sounding good in repeats.

But as for Jai Balayya, the song doesn’t have too much repeat value. It has a dated vibe.

The two songs aren’t like for like ones. While Boss Party is a dance number, Balayya is a hero introduction or descriptive song. But this won’t matter for both sets of fans as all they need is getting one up over rival camp.

As things stand, it needs to be said that DSP has scored one over Thaman with Boss Party proving to be the better of the two songs. But there’s still a long way to go as the units will release more songs from the respective albums in the days to follow.

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