DSP Promising More Than What He Can Deliver!Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad is going through a bad phase in terms of his musical career. Except for Uppena, he hasn’t delivered a blockbuster album in recent times. Even the score in Pushpa: The Rise was a mixed bag. And his recent release ‘The Warriorr’ also gave him a very bad name for scoring a very ‘Thanda’ BGM.

Yesterday a video was released to announce the entry of Ravi Teja in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Mega154, directed by Bobby. Adding more excitement to the video is the background scored by DSP, which is a remix of Mass toh pettukuntey song from Ravi Teja’s Venky and Shankardada Zindabad’s title song.

In the present form, it would be great even if DSP delivered a half-decent album, but he is creating high expectations among fans by promising that the music in this film will be of blockbuster variety if we go by this announcement video. The audience will be sorely disappointed if he delivers something substandard again after raising such high expectations.

Despite his poor form, DSP has some big projects on his hand. Let’s hope he reinvents himself with these films and delivers top-notch compositions.