Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) Singing, Mahesh Babu Doesn't Agree With CriticismThere is a criticism on music director Devi Sri Prasad that he reserves the best songs of his compositions for himself, and allocates the rest for the other singers. When it came to his latest rendition ‘Choti Choti Baatei’ for ‘Maharshi’, many felt that he would have given it to a singer with a fresh voice.

Responding to this criticism on DSP, director Vamsi Paidipally clarified that it was his thought to keep Devi’s song as they had got used to his track that he sung for the sake of the shooting. But, Devi wanted to record it with another singer, though.

Even Mahesh felt that he wanted Devi Sri Prasad’s song in ‘Maharshi’ as it happens to be his 25th film. “Most of the big super hits from Devi Sri Prasad came from his voice. So, it’s a very addictive voice, and we get to like it more with several hearings. Moreover, I wanted him to be part of my journey, also,” said Mahesh Babu.

There is always a mixed talk on DSP’s singing skills, and lately, he was being heavily slammed by fans of big heroes like Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan as the same thing happened for ‘Rangasthalam’ even for the song ‘Aa Gattununtaavaa Naaganna’. But, Mahesh supported DSP and said that it was his choice, not DSP’s to sing for ‘Maharshi’. That means a lot for any technician.