DevaDas-Trailer-Talk-Hitting-The-Right-Entertainment-FormulaAfter making two critically successful but commercial failures, director Sriram Aditya is back with the third outing Devadas. The theatrical trailer is out and like always the director keeps the pre-release positivity alive.

The casting, dialogues and making are the three things Sriram Aditya has been spot on previously, he continues the same with Devadas. The making feels only bigger and better based on the trailer. The casting of Nagarjuna and Nani is like hitting the jackpot here. And the director makes it better by getting the individual stars to do what they are good at. Let Nani do all the talking and Nagarjuna handle the action.

The senior star is totally in his grove and dominates Nani screen presence wise. The dressing, the style, the whole aura, it is just there for everyone to see. Nani does his best to hold his end with comedy. Devadas has all the makings of a successful commercial entertainer, but as we have seen in the past, Sriram Aditya somehow misses the mark in making a start to end, engaging film.

Check out the trailer below. The heroines, Rashmika and Aakansha Singh, seem to have very little to do. Devadas hit screens all over on September 27.