DevaDas, The Biggest Bet For Nani Causing Embarrassment DevaDas which is supposed to be the biggest film of Nani is causing him some major embarrassment unexpectedly. It is happening in various ways, the biggest of which is the US rights.

A Nani film means it is the most bankable movie in the US. The actor’s films have been getting the best response from that area. However, and we have pointed it out earlier as well, there seems to be a downward trend due to below average content movies he has been making. It was bound to show effect sooner rather than later and unlucky for Nani, it is visible for Devadas.

The US business for Devadas has not yet been closed. Now, we add Nagarjuna factor into it as well. The senior star’s last few films have been terrible with Officer taking the biggest hit commercially. With both the stars coming off dismal performances previously, the lack of interest from buyers is understandable.

Still, all said and done, Nagarjuna and Nani both have a good track record in the US. It means if the word of mouth is solid, the interest and pick up in collections would be instant.DevaDas will be hitting screens on 27th this month.

Latest Update (09/06/2018):

DevaDas US rights acquired by FlyHigh Cinemas.