Dev-Katta-to-Assist-Rajamouli,-Again---ShivagamiIf you remember, director Dev Katta’s name was mentioned in the thank you cards of ‘Baahubali’ for assisting Rajamouli with the dialogues. Once again, ‘Prasthanam’ director is going to assist Rajamouli in the web series titled ‘Shivagami’ for Netflix.

‘Shivagami’ is based on the book written by Anand Neelakanth and it’s the prequel of the two installments of ‘Baahubali’ that will tell us the story of Shivagami and Kattappa and the former’s rise to the power. It’s good to hear that Baahubali will live on with this web series. It’s even good to hear that Rajamouli will direct the movie along with Katta.

But, the big question is, when will Rajamouli get time to direct this movie when he is busy with the pre-production work of the ‘Baap of the multi-starrers’ with NTR and Ram Charan. There is a doubt. Will he just supervise the proceedings and the rest would be taken care of by Dev Katta?