Ram Charan Tollywood No 1

With Yevadu crossing the 40 Cr mark recently, Ram Charan now has four films in the north of 40 Cr. It might have not gained that importance had it not been for the fact that there are only 12 films so far which has crossed this mark and if one increases the club to 45 Cr and higher, the total number reduces to just 10 film with Charan films still being part of it. Now reevaluate the whole thing by keeping in mind that Charan has done just 7 films so far and that includes a Industry Hit as well, isn’t it a track record that is enviable and shouldn’t he be the contender for number 1 slot, if not number 1 already, looking at the position his competitors are in?

However if one were to go by what the media says or makes us to believe, it would be like the competition is between Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu with Charan still on the fence struggling to find a place in the top 4. The reality is that both Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu have two films each in this club with Mahesh Babu having one additional multistarrer in the club. Apart from the fact that all three have a universally accepted Industry Hit to their names their box office receipts have nothing in common with Charan having a clear edge in India. Yet the media chooses to ignore him.

Now let’s rewind the clock and get back to the 80’s. In this decade we saw two of the most anticipated debuts, one was Nandamuri Balakrishna where as the other was Akkineni Nagarjuna. These two are the heirs of the two of the most iconic figures of Telugu cinema and their debuts were keenly awaited. Both started off on a great note and showed great collections at the box office that were bigger than, those of then rising star Chiranjeevi. However none of these two despite such good box office records were crowned the box office kings, neither were put above Chiranjeevi. Reason was simple, they hadn’t created a name of their own, and a following that they can say is their own. It took a Shiva for Nagarjuna to get that and a Mangamma Gari Manuvadu and Muddula Mavayya to get that for Balakrishna.

This is where Ram Charan is lagging despite having a film like Magadheera. A film that creates a following of his own, a film that creates hysteria with Charan at the center of it, a film that is completely owned by Ram Charan, is what is missing currently to crown him as king of box office. His hits have to mean something to him and not be seen as something that is coming to him because of his father’s legacy. May be this is the reason for the media to not take his side yet. The question we would like to ask is, is this reason justified when a star is showing such great consistency at the box office? Should we wait for that film to happen in this age where a true classic movie has become a rare species and very hard to get? What do you think?