Rajinikanth Kabali AudioThis really is a rare feat these days as we are in an era when people have stopped buying audio CDs and it’s only the MPs that are ruling the music industry. But Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Kabali’ did break the popularity of MP3.

It is learnt that around 10,000 physical CDs of the music album have been sold out and hence they are going to reprint the physical CDs. This comes as a real surprise in this age of burning MP3s when we thought that the music companies no longer are printing physical CDs.

Thanks to the chart busters given by the music director, Santosh Narayan, which made the album an instant hit. He receiving laurels for the youthful and soulful renditions he has delivered and gave variety for a Rajnikanth’s film unlike the superstar’s previous films in two decades.