Indian-Studesnts-USA-Movie-Tickets-ScamA section of Desi Telugu Students In U.S. found themselves in deep trouble after a Movie Tickets Credit Card scam is unearthed.

According to a few theater managements, some Indians particularly Telugu Students are buying Movie tickets using their credit cards. Later they report to the Credit card companies claiming those transactions as fraud transactions (not done by them).

They get refund from the Credit card companies but the theaters face the loss when Credit card companies recover the losses from the theaters.

Ticket Fraud

B&B theaters approached Kansas Police with this fraud claiming a loss of over $150,000 in 2022 and $100,000 in another location of the same theater.

After a basic investigation it is learnt that most of these transactions are committed by fresh graduates residing in
consultancies in Kansas city and other places.

In a similar incident in Atlanta, a theater management caught 25 Students using the CCTV footage in their premises.

This kind of fraud is not just confined to movie tickets but also to door dash, restaurants etc.

This scam has stunned the distributors segment in the United States.

Lack of awareness is the reason for Students indulging in such scams. Conviction in such cases can result in jail and harsh punishments and may also create problems in the immigration.