Delhi Scary Crime Show On Netflix: Must Watch For OTTThe horrific Burari deaths are still fresh in the memory of those who had closely followed the case, which shook the entire nation back in 2018. A total of 11 members from the same family were found hanging in a house in Burari, Delhi. All 11 of the Bhatia family members aged 10-80 were found dead, with the eldest, the grandmother strangled to death, while others hung by the neck.

Around three years post the horrifying incident, Netflix has released ‘House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’, a docuseries based on the incidents preceding and succeeding the Burari Deaths.

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The limited series comprises three episodes and has a total run-time of around 2 and a half hours. The series covers the truths, theories, and superstitions surrounding the mass suicides.

The narrative stresses on the fine line of difference between faith and dilution. The set of spine-chilling theories leading to the incident are novel and the screenplay keeps the viewers hooked.

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The narrative is compelling and detailed. Comparatively, the opening episode is a tad underwhelming but the last two episodes are of elite quality. The show can be streamed on Netflix and it can be termed a must-watch.