Prabhas_AdipurushPrabhas’s Adipurush skipped Sankranthi release and was pushed to June 2023. But reports are suggesting that the film could be further postponed from June as well.

Incidentally, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has announced that Ayodhya Ram Mandir will be opened in a grand manner on the 1st of January, 2024. This will be one of the biggest events in India, given the historic and cultural prominence it packs.

In case Adipurush skips June, 2023 release, then there’s no better release plan for the film than the Sankranthi 2024 slot.

The vast portion of the nation will be in Hindutva mood with the inauguration of Ram Mandir on 1 January and this will lay the perfect platform for Adipurush, which is based on Ramayan.

An event on the day of Ram Mandir inauguration will take the buzz on Adipurush to a whole new level.

But the most important part here is for Adipurush to take the negative feedback for the teaser and rectify and come with a good product. If these boxes are ticked, then the delay in release could come as a blessing in disguise for Prabhas.