Bollywood beauty and reigning box office queen Deepika Padukone was in Hyderabad today for the promotion of her upcoming film Finding Fany. It has sort of become tradition for the media personnel at such promotional events to ask the stars if they know about Telugu cinema or not. When sych question was asked to Deepika Padukone today she replied that she knew Mahesh Babu from Telugu cinema. But there was a little light hearted exchange that followed that caught our attention.

When the actress replied Mahesh Babu someone from press asked if the answer was given because someone prompted her Mahesh Babu’s name, she immediately replied in very casual way that if he thinks the she didn’t really know Mahesh Babu. She said that she was a before entering film industry and that she has done many shows in Hyderabad before and knows him from a long time and that mentioning his name isn’t something that came without knowing him. Well, we are with Deepika here, who wouldn’t know Mahesh Babu in this age of media explosion?