Venkatesh Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone in a recent interview answered some candid questions regarding her career decisions as well as future projects. Having done a Tamil movie called Kochadaiyaan with Rajinikanth recently, Deepika was asked about any future plans of working in Tollywood films. Deepika responded that she does not have any Telugu film offer on the table but if she gets anything interesting, she won’t hesitate to take it up. In Tollywood, Venkatesh is one of her favourite actors and she would very much like to work with him.

As for connecting with the city Hyderabad, Deepika explained that it has been great being back in the city considering all her memories that are associated with this place, including but not limited to her first modelling assignment, several ad shoots as well as a few films that had been shot here in the city.