Deepika_Padukone_Oscars_2023The Oscars awards presentation was held today and it was a gala affair. There is a particularly high anticipation on the same from the Telugu folk as RRR’s Naatu Naatu won the Best original song award.

There was one interesting incident at the event as Deepika Padukone gave an introduction of Naatu Naatu on the Oscars stage.

From what we could see and comprehend, Deepika was quite emotional while introducing Naatu Naatu. At one point, it looked like she was even teary-eyed. This has led to a conversation on social media.

A few netizens are commenting that Deepika is showing fake love on RRR. “Deepika is not associated with RRR in any way. One can wonder why she was emotional while introducing Naatu Naatu. Was it an attempt to get attention?” A netizen commented.

That said, this is a big occasion for Indian cinema as RRR’s Naatu Naatu is the first Indian production to have come this far at the Oscars. So maybe this made Deepika a bit emotional.