deepika-padukone-thanks-mahesh babuIt’s not only Mahesh Babu, many actors in the film industry, say that their all time favorite is Sridevi. In many interviews, Mahesh has been consistently using her name as his favorite actress. However things changed and we know that there are some fine actresses like Sridevi in the present generation too. One such actress is Deepika Padukone, the top heroine in Bollywood, at present.

When Mahesh watched Deepika Padukone’s ‘Piku’, he was stunned by her performance and found her really brilliant. His admiration for her beauty is anyhow obvious but he is more stunned by her performance. Mahesh opines her beauty and acting together are lethal combination. And hence, once his favorite was Sridevi, but now it’s Deepika Padukone.

Mahesh’s revelation is one thing and Deepika acknowledging it is another big thing. She thanked Mahesh on Twitter for his compliment on her. This shows, how Mahesh isn’t just one more star hero from South but a popular name even for celebs in Bollywood. It’s not a surprise that Mahesh was once voted ‘The Most Desirable Man’ in India.