chakri wife sravani case on her familyOnce again deceased music director Chakri’s wife came out in open with allegations on Chakri’s family members. This time she approached Jubilee Hills Police and filed a complaint that her in-laws are harassing her both mentally and physically. Chakri’s wife Shravani says that they are asking her to leave Chakri’s home, everything belonging to Chakri and go away penniless.

Regarding all the properties earned by Chakri, his father, brother and sister are denying to give her the death certificate of Chakri and claiming rights to all the properties and have taken pocession of all the belongings of Chakri including his credit and debit cards, gold and other things. They are using abusive on her and ill treating her in front of others.

Though Shravani is ready to take the responsibility of her in-laws family, they want her to walk away from the family with nothing and leave all the property for themselves. Unable to bear the mental and physical torture, she approached police and is asking for justice. We know that the differences in the family and the property issues surfaced within three days of Chakri’s demise and Shravani had to approach State Human Rights Commission.