Trailer Talk: A Heart Touching Tale Of LoveThe trailer of Dear Megha starring Megha Akash is out. It promises to be a simple yet heart-touching tale of love featuring cute young pairs.

The casting of Dear Megha looks perfect. Adith Arun and Arjun Somayajulu looks right for the cast of the youngsters who eventually fall for the girl. As far as Megha Akash is considered, Dear Megha offers her an author-backed role. She gets to carry the entire movie on her shoulders. It will be a test of her acting prowess as well as the directorial talents of A Sushanth Reddy.

The music and cinematography are critical for a love story to click. The team seems to have got it spot-on, with Gowra Hari providing the music and I Andrews as the cinematographer. The visuals add to the feel from the glimpse shown so far.

Check out the trailer below. Arjun Dasyan produces Dear Megha on the Vedaansh Creative Works banner. The love story hits the theatres all over on September 3rd.