There have been a lot of speculations regarding the importance of language in the film industry and whether or not it is a deal-breaker for actresses debuting in the industry. People are generally divided on this issue considering the fact that most top heroines in the southern film industry rely on voice actors.

The Telugu actor-filmmaker Ravi Babu, who is known for movies like “Nuvvila” and “Avunu”, and during the same has worked with various actresses such as Yami Gautham, Bhumika Chawla and Shamna Kasim aka Poorna over the years says, “It’s unfortunate but we can’t blame the actresses. Most of the time producers who take these actresses on board don’t give them ample time to learn the language and thus resort to hiring voice actors to dub for them. But some actresses like Tamanna at least take the effort to learn the language.”

Veteran filmmaker Suresh Krissna in the same vein emphatically stated that, “”Expressions and emotions are the same irrespective of the language. Anger is expressed the way it has to be expressed in any language. As long as an actress can understand and deliver as per the director’s request, I believe she has succeeded.”