Rashmi - Gautam Siddu Jonnalagadda DatingRashmi Gautham is one outspoken actress and anchor who seems to be speaking her mind without caring the controversy she might be creating or the hearts she must be pricking with her openness.

‘For a lot of people, dating is sleeping around,” said Rashmi when asked if she went to dating for shooting a romantic song. Rashmi gives clarity that it was dating to hang around to get that comfort level with her co-star Siddu. In the romantic song, Rashmi and Siddhu looked quite at ease with each other in ‘Guntur Talkies’.

According to Rashmi’s opinion, it’s not easy to start kissing and smooching an unknown person just with one day’s knowing. So, for Rashmi, going ton a date means going for a coffee shop, for a movie and things like that. Being friends is important to get the comfort feeling to shoot a romantic song.