Chiranjeevi-vs-Dasari-Nayarayana raoIt was all fine between these two warring horses but ever since Megastar showed his political inclination it has been a war of sorts between him and Dasari Narayana Rao. Back in the day the actor even made a film targeting the star and even won an award for it, which the star’s son was expected to win.

While they meet on and off in public and pose to shutterbugs in the friendliest and cordial way, they go off tangent whenever an issue arises. Take the case of the latest Movie Artists Association elections. Rajendra Prasad after many years expressed interest in taking up the position for the presidency but as soon as the word spread that he could be a best man on behalf of Chiru, a competition sprang up overnight in the form of Jayasudha. One need not say who is behind this move?

So Rajendra Prasad who looked like a unanimous winner few days is now left on his own to fight an election where now the odds suggest he might be the one losing. If that is the case and he loses the battle will it be seen as another setback to the Megastar? The star has been for a long time trying to ascertain his position as a powerful pillar in the industry but the way things are going on with an in house as well as outside nuisance to handle along with the grand 150th film planning, may be things are getting a bit overburdening for him to handle.

The results of the MAA elections will be out on March 29. Let us see if there is a surprise in store for the star or not.