Dasara USA Box OfficeNani’s Dasara has opened on his career-best note at the USA box office. The film is still holding pretty well at the USA box office with a good trend on Friday as it made $252,265 and Saturday $311,020.

With this, the total gross hits an impressive $1.4 million. At this rate, the film will hit $1.6 million in the first weekend itself.

With the strong trend and the encouraging word of mouth, the film is certain to have a decent hold during the second week given enough screens. We have two other Telugu films aslo releasing this week which will take away some screens.

But on the flip side, major contributor Cinemark is having a fair bit of competition from Hollywood films like Dungeons and Dragons, John Wick 4, Shazam, Creed 3, Scream 4, and others.

So it has become relatively tough to find the screens for Dasara in major contributor, Cinemark. The smaller screens and lack of prime time shows is slowing it down considerably.

Despite the negative odds, Dasara will set a $1.5+ million weekend at the USA box office. The film is on course to hit the $2 million mark and Nani will enter the premium club with the same. This is an estimated final numbers projection of Dasara.