Nani_Dasara_Movie_TrailerThe much anticipated trailer for Nani’s upcoming pan Indian outing, Dasara has been unveiled and it promises an action feast for the masses.

The trailer starts with the introduction of Keerthy Suresh’s character and she sports a deglam look. We are then introduced to Dharani aka Nani who sports a full blown rugged and mass look.

This is the first time Nani has undergone such a transformation and makeover. It is refreshing to see him in what appears to be a challenging and X factor role.

The visual presentation is impressive, thanks to some brilliant work behind the lens by Sathyam Sooryan. The color tint looks good in trailer, and it has to be seen how it’ll transpire on big screens.

The Telangana dialect is assertively used and it has a fresh feel. This will be one of the first times a mainstream Telugu film has such strikingly rural Telangana accent and dialect. It has to be seen how this will evolve on the big screens.

The trailer is loaded with pacy action shots that have a great deal of violence associated with them. This could very well be an action feast for the masses and this is a genre that has particularly clicked in post Covid era.

Debut director Srikanth Odela has clearly picked a raw and utterly rustic subject and if the emotional core is strong enough, the film has good potential at the box office. It should be lapped up by the masses.