Nani_Dasara_TeaserThe stakes are high on Nani’s Dasara which is one of the costliest projects in his career, and more so, given that this is the first time he is playing a full-on raw and rugged role. The teaser of the film was unveiled by Rajamouli a short while ago and here’s what we have to say about it.

The first thing that catches the attention is Nani’s almost unrecognizable mass makeover. This is the first time he’s doing a full-on raw and rustic role. His appearance, styling, and dialogue delivery are all very massy.

Santosh Narayanan’s background score for the teaser sounds fresh and it adheres with the raw and rustic theme. The visuals are dark and carry an eerie vibe. The last shot of Nani with a knife in his mouth looks sharp.

New director, Srikanth Odela appears to be coming with a raw subject, which has been the way forward for pan Indian films of late. The mining backdrop, and rooted characterisations appear to be the mainstay.

The producer Sudhakar Cherukuri has been doing films consistently but is waiting for that one big commercial success. He is pinning all hopes on Dasara which is evidently one of the costliest projects in Nani’s career, if not the costliest.

The teaser mainly focuses on Nani’s characterization and the visual aspect of it, along with the span of the film. We are not introduced to the conflict or the main plot. A lot will depend on the emotional drive and what is on the offer on the story and screenplay front.