DARBAR-Telugu-TrailerSuperstar Rajinikanth is back with a new outing Darbar. This time he comes with AR Murugadoss in tow. However, the project has the same outlook and idea behind it, that is, to unleash the ‘vintage’ Superstar Rajinikanth swag.

Usually, Superstar Rajinikanth doing what he does isn’t a problem. It is what a star is supposed to do, and Rajinikanth is also a good actor to make a movie which is only a collection of his ‘vintage’ moments. However, since the last few years, more so starting from 2.0, one gets a feeling of overdose and overdone swag.

It is so overdone that it appears as if the director and the actor are trying too hard. It feels like they are sweating to do what comes naturally. The same was not a problem earlier as there was a long gap and the ‘stories’ that Rajini picked were bigger than the star. The story accommodates the mannerism, but the primary focus was to engage the audience with content.

Now, the stories look wafer-thin and seem to centre on the star moments, mannerism and swag to take it forward. Darbar gives a complete dejavu vibe. If not for the police dress, one would be confused between the last two outings.

Despite all the problems, Darbar could still be an entertaining fare. But it has every chance of being a superficial and forgettable one. Here’s hoping that there is more to Darbar than what is visible in the trailer.

Check out the trailer below. Nayanthara is the female lead in the mass entertainer. Sunil Shetty plays the antagonist. Lyca Productions produce the AR Murugadoss directorial. Darbar is expected to hit cinemas worldwide on January 9th (official confirmation awaited) in three languages (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi) simultaneously.