AR-MurugadossAR Murugadoss who hit a blockbuster with Vijay is getting ready with another potential blockbuster with the Superstar, Rajinikanth. The film has been in news recently with the rumor of Murugadoss in a jet speed is going to finish the rest of the film in 30 days which was a little shocking to the people as the film team has already given out the release date to be in January 2020. So, what are the rest of the months for, if they finish shooting in 30 days?

Though the news said the whole shooting of Darbar is to be completed by the end of this month, the director took time to clarify us on the same. Darbar has already completed its schedule and is doing its second schedule now in Mumbai. So as Murugadoss confirmed in an interview, they are going to finish the second schedule by the end of July and the complete shoot by the end of August.

And yet, they will have 4 months left after wrap up and the release. Now the question is if the shoot completes by August, will he take 4 solid months for dubbing, editing, and other activities pre-release activities? What’s so much to do? Will wait and see.