People who are regular followers of Discussion Board are well aware of a discussion board for Nandamuri fans. The site which was started some 7 years ago is one of the oldest DBs in Telugu on Internet. It also boasts of highest visitors and visits for a Telugu movie discussion board.

An interesting turn of events began took place in the DB in recent days. Some enthusiast fans keep posting about information of arrival of new stills and songs of Dhammu every now and then. And the fanism and admiration for hero is such. Other fans have waited hours together waiting for them. At the end, all the news were found to be false.

M9News, got to speak to few members of the site, they say it is quite common in such a huge DB. Every member feel pumped up when they know some info about their hero. And shares with others. Which if false, will keep the other fans waiting for hours together. On the side note, they say they enjoy this wait as they enjoy every minute of anxiety and love towards their heros.